Dec 15 2007

I thought I should write a little bit on what Elizabeth is doing.  She is 2 2/3 now.  For a while now she recognizes all the letters of the alphabet.  We've just done the capitals, not lower case yet.  Still, it is pretty surprising she knows them all.  Just this last week, we started telling her how to spell a couple of words.  Just 'CAT' and 'DOG'.  She can both recognize the words when written and tell you how to spell the words.  If you write CAT and show it to her, she says "C-A-T that spells cat meow meow."  If you ask her how to spell cat without writing it she will say "C-A-T."  It's just memorization, she doesn't know the sounds associated with letters yet, but still everyone is amazed how well she has learned letters.  Her speaking vocabulary is pretty good.  I don't know how many words she knows now - it's quite a few.

The only real problem we have is her diet.  She loves bread and everything starchy.  Getting her to eat vegetables or meat is a fight.  We have to starve her out sometimes so she will be hungry enough to eat proper food.

Just tonight she had a great time helping me with the laundry.  In fact she started it on her own.  I was in the bedroom and the laundry was on the couch.  On her own idea, she brought some of the towels in to me.  She enjoyed it so much she kept on going back until the basket was empty.  What surprised me more was when we went down to the basement.  I brought the laundry basket to the dryer and she came with me.  I stopped at the computer on the way to check if my mp3 player synched.  While I was there, she opened the dryer herself and put the towels in the basket.  I was amazed!

It snowed yesterday and the baby sitter brought her outside to play in the snow.  She has this pink outfit, a winter jacket and snow pants, that makes her look like a pink marshmallow.  She loves the snow.  When she comes in from the cold her cheeks and nose are bright red, almost glowing.  In fact she asks to play in the snow, though when she says it, it sound more like 'no'.  She has a plush snowman - she ask for her 'noman'.

We are working on potty training.  Not much is happening on that front.  She sits down alright, but not long enough for something to happen.  I guess that comes back to us - we just have to sit her down more often.  She has peed twice at her grandmother's house but not with us.

She loves playing with Lego blocks.  All she does right now is make towers, but it's fun for her.  Her other big things are coloring and painting.  I would say about a few weeks to a month ago she started drawing faces.  Just eyes, nose and mouth.  Sometimes a bit jagged, but still recognizable.  They are getting a bit better too.  The last few days or a week she likes to trace hands on paper.  She got a set of crayons and markers as a gift.  The markers have made the alphabet mat a valuable addition to her room.  I've seen some marker lines on the mat that would have been marker lines in the carpet.

Another favorite activity of hers is playing on the computer.  It's probably from watching me, but she can use the computer almost as well as an adult.  She knows how to start firefox.  We have placed two links for her on the bookmark toolbar so she can get to Sesame Street and Nick Jr.  She starts firefox, goes to whichever site she wants and plays the games.  Nick Jr.  Has a number of games pretty well suited to her age.  She play them pretty well.

She loves helping.  I mentioned the laundry earlier today.  She likes helping to cook.  If the task isn't child amenable, we set up a couple bowls with some water and give her the measuring cups.  She'll just stay there playing with the water while you do your tasks.

It's late so I'll save some stuff for next time.