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She is three years old.

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Date Changes
12/24/2008 Christmas pics!
06/10/2008 Updated Elizabeth's pics.  She is writing a couple of words now
12/25/2007 Christmas 2007
11/12/2007 Visit Bren in Reno
9/30/2007 AAI Convention 2007
9/10/2007 Gary and Carmen's Wedding
4/8/2007 Easter pics
12/18/2006 Christmas pictures
10/11/2006 We visited Crissy in South Carolina
7/30/2006 More Pictures of Elizabeth.
6/29/2006 Crissy and her kids came to visit again.
12/28/2005 Christmas 2005
11/24/2005 Turkey day at Mom and Dad's!
11/21/2005 Crissy came to visit and took many pictures of Elizabeth.  We had a great time and hope they will visit again.
6/22/2005 I added a bunch of pictures to Elizabeth's folder - some just after her birth and some from the end of May.
5/20/2005 Jen is now Dr. Jen!  She graduated Temple Medical School!
3/12/2005 Baby shower in Fairhaven
2/21/2005 Janice joined us on a visit to DC where we got to see the founding documents.
2/13/2005 Some of Jen's friends held a shower for our little baby here in Philadelphia
2/12/2005 Visiting IIDB'ers in NYC
1/26/2005 Baby shower in Reno
12/29/2004 3D ultrasound pics.  Our little baby is looking good!
12/28/2004 We are back from Reno with pictures of Christmas 2004
12/28/2004 Thanksgiving 2004
11/16/2004 Visit Crissy
11/16/2004 New sonograms for the baby.  It's a girl!
9/30/2004 Baby pictures!! The first ultrasound is here.
9/12/2004 Jonathan's Army group put on a show "Spirit of America"
7/5/2004 Back from Hawaii (we had a great time!)
5/14/2004 Temple Med school picnic
4/25/2004 March for Women's Lives - Washington, D.C.
4/23/2004 Jonathan graduating Army basic training
04/01/2004 Visiting Crissy in Illinois
12/28/2003 Christmas 2003
10/14/2003 I changed the photo album program to generate a medium resolution image.  Now people browsing the pictures don't have to wait for a megabyte sized image to load.
9/27/2003 Visit Brenda in Reno
8/31/2003 Visit to the National Constitution Center
4/5/2003 Jessie's Potluck on 4/4/2003
12/1/2002 You can try my photo album software here: albumgen.zip (251 kb).
11/13/2002 Added complete photo archive..
9/28/2002 My family came to visit.
8/20/2002 Matt's Birthday
7/4/2002 Jen's sister Brenda visited and we went to NYC and DC for the 4th of July.
6/12/2002 Virginia City, Tahoe and some mini-golf
4/13/2002 AMSA Convention in Houston, Marianne's Birthday and Jonie's Potluck.
2/17/2002 Jessie's Birthday and Val's Birthday.
? Jesse's 2001 Halloween party.